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RHH Guidelines

Updated: Jun 29

Hi guys:

This is my personal selection of Guidelines for Russell Hall Hospital ( RHH ) which I find useful for ED Doctors.

You can only access this content from RHH computers

ED RHH Guidelines. From Hub ( link)

  • Alphabetical order

  • For Specialties ( See below)

Which specialty guideline

Strep A, group guideline

Pabrinex in ED

DAMA, Discharged against medical advice

HARP, High Absconded Risk Patient, form

Abscond, Adults who

Mental Heatlh pathways

Skills Resources, RCEM document

Patient Safety

Induction trainning & teaching

Acute Medicine



Critical Care % resuscitation, RSI, Sedation an organ donation

Resuscitation Algorithms Adult

RSI & Airway Management

Procedural Sedation

Organ Donation (link )

Safeguarding Adults

Safeguarding Adult

Learning Disability


Mental Capacity

Domestic Violence

Alcohol Care team

Violence Reduction

Surgical Specialties


Vascular Hub




Acute Injuries & Burns

Minor Injury pathway

Head and Spinal Injury

Upper limb injuries

Lower limb injury



Trauma Network


RHH Guidelines ( in Alphabetical order ).

You can find all the guidelines in the link


Adrenal Crisis, Acute, emergency treatment, guideline

AF, Atrial fibrillation flutter, management

Air Way, ED, adult and children, management

Alcohol, Disorders, identification and management,

Anaphylaxis, treatment, guideline, external

Anemia, Iron deficit,

Antepartum haemorrhage, guideline

Asma, Severe, in Adults

Blood Bank, requesting in the ED

Blood components, clinical use, guideline

CAP, Community Acquired Pneumonia, Guideline

Cardiac chest pain, suspected, guideline

Celiac Disease, Children, management

CEllulitis, lower limb, guideline

Children, Restrictive intervention, guideline

CKD, chronic Kidney disease, management

Communication with parents with critically ill children

COPD, acute exacerbation

Critically ill Children, Communication with parents,

CT inpatient authorization

Delirium, Adults, Critically ill, guideline

Delirium, Adults, guideline

Dermatological Emergencies, guideline

Diabetes, Child, newly diagnosed

Diabetes, children, ED, management

Diabetes, Children, Type 2, guideline

Discharged of patient to care home, guideline

DKA, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, management, guideline

DKA, Paediatric, Management

DVT,suspected, guideline

Dying Adult, Care, guideline

Dying Adult, Care, Guideline

Dying patient, seizures, management guideline

Eclampsia guidelines

Entonox, NON obstetric, guideline

Epidural analgesia, NON obstetric, management

Epilepsy, children, management, guideline

Epilepsy, pregnancy, guideline

Epilepsy. Status epilecticus. guideline

Escalation, ED, SOP

GCA, Giant Cells Arteritis, guideline

General Anesthetics, ED, management, guideline

GI bleeding, Upper, management

Glucose raise, above 11, management

HAP, Hospital Acquired Pneumonia,

Head injury, management


Heart Failure, management

Hemorrhage, postpartum

Heparin, Adults,

HHS, Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State, management

HI, Head Injury, Children, ED management

Hot joint, management

Hydrocephalus, ED management

Hyperemesis gravidarum, guideline

Hyperkalaemia, ED management

Hyperthermia, malignant, guideline

Hypocalcemia, Adults, management

Hypoglycemia, Adults, management

Hypomagnesemia, Adults, management

Hyponatremia, Adults, management, guideline

Hypophosphatemia, Adults, management

Kidney Injury, Acute, Management


Malnutrition, identification and management

Mental Capacity Act 2005,

Mental Health, Children and Adolescents, guideline

Methadone, palliative CAre, guideline

Miscarriaghe, management

MSCC guideline

Nausea and vomiting, Pregnancy, guideline

Neonatal guidelines, Bedside

Neonatal infection, first 72 hours, guideline

Neonatal infection, late onset, guideline

OD, paracetamol, ED management

Paediatric, liaison service

Pain control, Adults, inpatient. guideline

Pain control, Ketamine infusion, guideline

Pain control, Lidocaine infusion, guideline

Pain control, Opioids Dependence, Adult, inpatient guideline

Pain, following multiple ribs injury

Pain, in Children, management

Pain, management, IV opioids guideline

Pain, management, safe sedation during procedures

Pancreatitis, Acute, management

Paracentesis, therapeutic, guideline

Paracetamol OD, ED management

PE, massive, management

PE, Pulmonary embolism, small to moderate, guideline

PE, suspected, AEC pathway

PE, treatment, LMWH, renal impairment, guideline

Postmortem examination, consent,

Prisioner Care, Guideline

Prisoners, Care, guideline

Respiratory Distress Syndrome, guideline

Restrictive intervention, children, guideline

Sedation and analgesia, adults

Sedation, pediatric, ketamine

Seizure, First Seizure, management, guideline

STEMI, PCI, Transfor for, guideline

STEMI, thrombolysis, guideline

Stroke, ED pathway

Stroke, thrombolysis, guideline

Sudden Unexpected Death in a Child, guideline

SUDIC, guideline

TIA, Transient Ischemic Accident, guideline

Ulcers, Legs, management

VTE, Cancer related, management

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